Wednesday, April 18, 2018

OPOS Coriander / Kothamalli Thokku | OPOS Recipe

 First time prepared this thokku in PC...No sautening and sweating at all. Never acheived this colour.Thxs a lot RK sir for this wonder recipe.Followed OPOS youtube video .

Ingredients :
Oil -2 tsp
Water -2 tbsp
Mint leaves -1/4 cup
Coriander leaves -1 bunch
Ginger -2 tsp (chopped)
Dry red chillies -5
Salt -To taste
Tamarind -Berry size

Layer 1 : water+ oil
Layer 2 : mint leaves + coriander leaves
Layer 3: Top with chopped ginger+ dry red chillies+salt+ berry size tamarind.

 Cook at high flame for 2 hisses,RP and blend it !!
Release Pressure and blend it !!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

OPOS Tamil New Year Thali | OPOS recipe

Wish u all very happy Tamil New year !!

Full meal prepared at home .All dishes are opos except Rice(Since We prefer Starch removing rice ) ,Vada,appalam and pickle.

On the top L to R
Mixed Veg Sambar 
Neem flower Rasam
Potato curry
Moongdal Payasam
Sweet Pongal
Instant Mango pickle
Mango Pachadi
Carrot beans Thoran
Black urad dal pepper Vada & Appalam

In this post how i prepare this menu.It took nearly 1 &1/2 hrs for finish the cooking except for vada.

On previous day i chop the veggies for sambar (i used drumstick,carrot beans,yemmow pumpkin,mango & okra pearls ) & Carrot ,beans for poriyal. Stored it in box and kept in fridge.

Dry the moongdal for payasam.

Prepare the thick jaggery syrup for pongal,pachadi & payasam.once it cooled down kept in fridge.

Ghee fried the cashew&raisins for pongal and cocnut bits,cashew for payasam and neem flower for rasam

Always in handy precooked dal ,Bottled Tadka(BT)& tamarind paste,Grated Coconut.

I have used one 5L PC and so one cooking is finish remove and wash and prepare another one.

Next day when i woke up first soak the dal for vada.

For Sambar & Rasam

Layer 1 : 1/4 cup water,1 tsp oil+curry leaves

Layer 2:Chopped onion+tomato+Chopped veggies +precooked dal

Layer 3:Tamarind paste+top with sambar powder and salt

In a Small bowl 1/4 cup+salt+turmeric powder+tamarind paste.

Kept the bowl on the top of the sambar layer

Close the lid and put the weight,cook at high flame for 3 whistle.

Release Pressure (RP) and remove the rasam bowl.Mix the sambar with required hot water and BT.

For Rasam mix the BT and fried neem flower.

For Pongal & Payasam 

Since payasam &pongal have 8 whistle ,so i kept pot in pot(PIP) method

In Pc add little ghee washed rice and water.the ratio for rice and water is 1 :4

In another bowl add the roasted dal and water .the ratio for dal and water is 1:4

Kept the bowl on the top of the rice.

Cook at high flame for 8 whistle.

RP ,remove the inner vessel mash the dal add the jaggery syrup,thick coconut milk(i used storebought milk),ghee fried cashew&coconut bites,cardamom powder.

Payasam is ready !!

For Pongal,mash the rice well with boiled and cooled milk,add jaggery syrup,ghee fried cashew&raisins,cardamom powder.

For Fry,Thoran& Pachadi

Thoran :Mix the carroot,beans with salt,turmeric powder,chopped green chillies.

Pc add 1/4 water+2 tsp oil+curry leaves+chopped onion

Spread the carrot beans mix.

In a bowl add the peeled &chopped mango pieces ,2 tbsp water,turmeric powder &a pinch salt

In another bowl peeled &chopped potatoes mixed with salt,red chilli powder,hing and 1 tbsp oil.

Place the mango bowl on the top of the thoran and place the potato bowl on top of the mango bowl.

Close the lid and cook at high flame for 4 whistle.

RP, Remove the potato bowl,pan fry it for crispiness.

Remove the Mango bowl,mash it well.Add the jaggery syrup & BT.

Mix the thoran with BT and Grated coconut.

In meanwhile i prepared instant mango pickle,cook the rice and fried the appalam.

At last grind the dal and made the vada.

how simple the cooking is..Am really happy that outcome is super good.

If we planned everything well then we finished it very easy & eat healthy & tasty food

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

OPOS Mampazha Pulisseri | OPOS Recipe | Onam Sadya Recipe

 Mor Kuzhambu is made with veggies and Pulisseri is made with fruit.Traditionally mampazha pulisseri is made is nattu manga which gives a divine taste.In case if u dont have u can use normal ripen mango.

Here my mango is not sour so i add little jaggery.Thxs to RK sir who is the founder of OPOS

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : <6 mins
Serves : 4

Ingredients :

Nattu Mango - 4 OR ipen Mango - 2 big (Chopped into pieces)
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp
Red chilli Powder -1 tsp
Pepper Powder -1/4 tsp
Salt -To taste
Jaggery -1 tsp
Slit green chillies -2
Water -3 tbsp
Curry Leaves -1 sprig
Coconut Oil -2 tsp
Sour Curd - 2 cups
Roasted fenugreek seed powder -1/4 tsp

To Grind:
Grated Coconut  - 3/4 cup
Jeera -1 tsp

To Temper :
Ghee -1 tsp
Mustard Seeds -1/2 tsp
Dry Red Chilli -2

Method :
*Grind the ingredients given under "TO GRIND" to a fine &thick paste.

*In 5L PC
Layer 1 : Water+Oil +Cut Mango pieces

Layer 2 :Top with turmeric pdr+red chilli pdr+salt+pepper pdr+jaggery+Curry leaves+green chillies+Coconut Paste.

 *Cook at high flame for 2 hisses.Switch off the flame,release the pressure.
*Once its warm add the whisked curd and roasted fenugreek pdr.Finally temper with the ingredients given "TO TEMPER ".

*Serve with hot rice /Idiyappam

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Malabar Rice Pathiri |Breakfast Recipe

 Its a famous recipe in Malabar region of Kerala,Kerala Muslim prepared it in special occasions like Iftar and Ramadan.

Ingredients :

Pathiri Podi / Rice Flour - 1 cup + for dusting
Water -1 cup
Salt -To taste


*Take water,salt in a vessel,boil it.Slowly add the rice flour over low heat.stir it occasionally,make sure bottom of the vessel doent get burnt.

*When mixed it properly,cover it with a lid and switch off the flame.After 5 mins transfet the mixture to a wide bowl.

*Now you have to knead the dough when it is warm.knead it well until it turns soft pliable dough without adding anymore water or rice flour.its very important step.

*If needed wet your hands in cold water to knead the dough.Always cover the dough with damp cloth.Now make lemon sized balls.

*Dust the rolling board and pan with same pathiri podi,now roll the balls into a thin circle.

*Heat nonstick pan over medium heat,place the rolled pathiri on it,stir it in between .when the pathiri starts bubbles turn into other side.

*Slightly press it kitchen paper,this will help to rise up and the pathiri will remains soft.Then the other side also start to bubbles,remove from the pan

*Before putting the next pathiri ,wipe out the brown powder from the pan using a dry cloth or kitchen paper.

*Serve the pathiri with any non veg or veg curry but it goes well with non veg curry.


The key to make soft pathiri is knead the dough while it is warm and without adding anymore water/rice flour. 

*Always wipe out the pan before putting the next pathiri because the pathiri should remain white.

 *Dont overcook the pathiri else it will be hard .

Monday, April 2, 2018

OPOS Badam Katli | OPOS 5 mins Badam Katli | OPOS Recipe |Diwali Recipe

 Badam Katli / Burfi is a Popular sweet in india.I mostly love the badam katli than cashew one...Already i posted the recipe in tamil blog in traditional method.This time i want to try in OPOS method.

So followed the cashew katli video in Youtube,Nailed it.Thxs to RK sir for the easy method !!

Pls measure the ingredients in weighing scale for perfect result .

Ingredients :

Badam Powder - 1 cup (120 gms) (I used Storebought )
Sugar -1/2 cup (115 gms
Water - 1/4 cup
Ghee -1 tsp


*In 5 L PC  add sugar and water,dissolve it.Close the lid and put the weight.

*Cook the high flame for 5 whistles.
 *Release the pressure.Add the almond powder and 1/2 tsp ghee.Mix it well.
 *Again close the lid and put the weight.Let it be rest for 20 mins.
 *After 20 mins the dough will be tight and grease the remaining 1/2 tsp ghee ,Knead the dough and roll it.
 *Cut into desired shape and serve !!

*Give a rest time after u mixing the flour in the syrup.

*You can also replace it with cashew powder.