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OPOS MysorePak | OPOS 6 mins Mysorepak | OPOS Recipe | Diwali Recipe

Mysore Pak is popular sweet in south india.I already posted mysorepak in my tamil pak in traditional method.But this one is OPOS method.Recipe is adapted from here.

Sugar syrup is very important for mysore pak else we wont get right texture.For OPOS the founder suggests 2L PC but i have 5L and  3L PC only.3L Pc is not working so i used 5L only for all OPOS cooking.

First Standardised your cooker.Add 1/4 cup water in 2L PC.cook it high flame.You will notice that first whistle will come with 1 or 2 mins.Its right to continue your cooking.

So i add 1/2  cup water in 5L Pc.i Got fisrt whistle 1.36 mins.So i got confidence to cook .

U will notice that 1/4 Cup water in 2L PC and 1/2 cup water 5L PC.So the time will varries.

First time i tried mysorepak it is utterflop.i confused where i went wrong.And again again i saw the recipe in youtube channel i realised my mistake thats i measured the all ingredients in measuring cups.its utter flop.

so you always measure the ingredients in weighing scale.then tried and success in my attempt.now a days i make the sweet in OPOS.

Sugar syrup in OPOS is little strick .so once u learnt the all lessons in OPOS try this sweet otherwise dont.

Also i want to tell onething first time i tried with 60 ml water for 1 cup sugar for syrup in5L PC.after i got the 2 whistle i got the burnt smell.i confused but next time i add 120 ml water for 1 cup sugar in 5 L PC.and i go by the 8 whistle for single syrup consistency.

In 2 L PC  60 ml water for 1 cup sugar , at the end of 4 th whistle  u will get soft fudge,5 th whistle u will firm and 6 th whistle u will get the traditional one.

And also make sure you will roast the besan and sieve it will .Its a mandatory step .

Now let us know how to prepare.

Preparation time : 10 mins
Cooking time : <10 mins
Makes : 8 Medium pieces


I tried in 5L PC so doubled the water quantity.If u try in 2 L PC then 60ml water is enough.

Besan/ Gram Flour / Kadalai Maavu -1 cup (100 gm)
Sugar - 1 cup (200 gm)
Water -120 ml
Ghee - 1/2 cup(100gm) + 1 tbsp


*Take the all ingredients and measure in weighing scale.dont use measuring cup.

*In 1 tbsp ghee roast the besan until you will get nice aroma.take care not to burnt it.
*In 5 L PC add the sugar and water .cook at high flame for 8 whistle.
*After 8th whistle ,switch off the flame,release the pressure.You will get single syrup consistency.
*Add the sieved besan,mix it without any lumps.
*Then add the ghee.mix and mix.
*Immediately pour the mixture in greased pan.
*once it warm cut into pieces.
*Voila your mysore pak is ready to taste.

How to find the flour is roasted ??
*While roast the flour add any nuts cashew/badam.roast it in medium flame while the nuts change the colour into golden brown then you will find that your flour is roasted well.The tips work wells for all kind of flour.
Saw this tip in OPOS group.

*Dont try this sweet without weighing scale else u will end up with in crumble mixture or burnt syrup.

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