Thursday, April 20, 2017

OPOS Ghee / OPOS Recipe

Can you believe you can made ghee in pressure cooker.Yes,now-a-days making ghee at home is never a tiring process.After 2 trials i got this golden beauty.

First 2 attempts i got burnt ghee becoz i went to 8 whistle at first time.Then second time i went to 7 whistle.I dont know where i went to wrong.

Then again saw the method in youtube i realized my mistake ,that is i used 500 gm butter and used 5L Pc.

3 rd time,when i got 5 whistle and crackling sound,switch off the flame.Got the beautiful golden ghee.Thxs to RK sir,who is the founder of the OPOS Recipe.

Recipe Source : Here

Salted Butter -500 gms
Drum stick leaves -1 tbsp 

Curry leaves - few.


*In 5L pc add the butter directly from the fridge.Above butter put the curry leaves or drumstick leaves (I forget to take the pic when i add drumstick leaves).

*Close the lid and put the weight,cook on high flame .After you got 5 whistles and also hearing crackling sound,switch off the flame.

*Release the pressure now you got beautiful ghee.

*Once it cooled ,strained it !!


*If you are using 2L PC and 250 gms butter then you will end up with 8 whistles.